List of President Trump's Accomplishments: Last Updated (08/29/17)


Trump's Wins on TRADE, JOBS, ECONOMY & More:

  2. Had a major victory on sugar exports from Mexico, made Mexico drop the exports % and the amount of refined sugar. This will help our sugar industry and the US sugar mills that produce refined sugar from raw sugar.
  3. Notified Congress of NAFTA renegotiation on May 18th. Talks can start 90 days later on Aug 16th, 2017
  4. China Trade deal opening up beef and LNG gas as well as giving a way to get 1 billion Chinese credit scores so the USA can offer them credit. Trade deal was done in record time.
  5. Sec Ross has slapped more than $2 billion in fines on China and Canada for illegal trade practices.
  6. the U.S. Department of Agriculture has reached agreement with Chinese officials on final details of a protocol to allow the U.S. to begin the beef exports to China (6/12/17). The first beef has been imported to China (06/30/17 and Sec Predue cut and ate a USDA prime rib in China)
  7. Reopening KORUS ( South Korean )trade deal ( 06/30/17) per White House started week of (07/14/17)
  8. Saw the first shipment of LNG to Poland and spoke at the three Seas summit to open up additional energy exports.
  9. The United States Trade Representative released its objectives for upcoming NAFTA negotiations (07/18/17)
  10. Canceled the Cuba Trade deal done by Obama (06/16/17)
  11. Enforcement of U.S. trade law is a prime focus of the Trump administration. From January 20, 2017, through July 21, 2017, Commerce has initiated 54 antidumping and countervailing duty investigations – a 40 percent increase from the previous year. (07/21/17) per Sec Ross of Commerce.
  12. America’s trade deficit narrowed to an eight-month low in June, helped by the biggest outflow of goods and services since the end of 2014, a positive signal for the economy entering the third quarter, Commerce Department data showed (08/04/17) per Bloomberg
  13. Trade gap narrowed by 5.9% to 43.6 billion, exports increased by 1.2%, imports decreased by .2% in June per Bloomberg (08/04/17)
  14. Mexico Economy Minster threatens to blackmail the USA with mass waves of illegal immigration if NAFTA talks don’t go Mexico’s way per Reuters (08/10/17)
  15. Canada Foreign Minster threatens to walk away from NAFTA if the USA doesn’t agree to allow Mexico and Canada to team up against the USA during Trade disputes (chapter 19 of NAFTA) per Conservative Tree house (08/14/17)
  16. Pres Trump launches a 301 Trade Infringement Case against China stealing USA IP and technology (08/14/17) per news conference at White house.
  17. First round of NAFTA negotiations completed (08/16/17-08/20/17). Pre Pres Trump at AZ rally on (08/22/17) outlook to reach a deal is small. NAFTA is on death watch.
  18. Trump admin has enabled private industry trade deals with Ireland and Lithuania, Poland, South Korea, China for LNG and China, UK and France on coal first 6 months of admin.
  19. China vows to fight the 301 trade infringement cases launched by Pres Trump admin with” all means necessary” increasing the chance of a Trade war with China (08/24/17) per Breitbart news.
  20. The Commerce Department will instruct U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to collect cash deposits from importers of steel concrete reinforcing bar from Taiwan (07/21/17)
  21. Since the Presidential Summit, the first 100 days made progress on important issues including credit ratings, bond clearing, electronic payments, commercial banking, and liquefied natural gas. Also, this is the first time since 2003 that the Chinese have allowed for imports of American beef. (07/19/17) per Commerce and Treasury Dept. On Economy
  22. Unemployment rate 4.4% u-3 and 8.6% U6 (for June 07/07/17)
  23. 222,000 Jobs created in June per BLS (07/7/17)
  24. Proposed a $1 Trillion infrastructure project
  25. Stock Market at Historic Highs (Dow up 18%, NASDAQ up 21.5%, S&P 500 up 14.9% since election day as of 07/18/17
  26. US homes prices climb at fastest pace In 3 years per CNBC. In Apr
  27. Jobless claims hit 28 year low in Apr
  28. OPEC broken can no longer set prices due to USA energy production unleashed
  29. Secured $50 billion investment from Japan
  30. Secured $20 billion investment from Exxon in Gulf coast
  31. Gasoline at $1.95/gallon in Central NC (lowest price at this time of year since 2005 for entire US 07/23/17)
  32. Repealed 14 Obama regulations via CRA saving $ billions in costs to the economy
  33. $350+ billion deal with Saudi Arabia ($110 billion in arms $250 billion in trade/investment) creating 100,000’s of jobs in both countries, historic.
  34. Pulled out of PARIS ACCORD
  35. Mining, steel and oil/gas jobs booming
  36. Atlanta Fed sees 3.0% growth in 2nd qrt per CNBC (07/06/17)
  37. Federal debt is 132,273,000 billion LOWER since Dec 30th 2016 (as of 06/30/17) per
  38. Federal surplus was $182 billion at end of Apr (unexpected)
  39. Consumer and business confidence at record highs
  40. North Dakota experiencing a boom since Dakota access pipeline finished (500,000 Barrels now flowing through pipeline per day)
  41. IMPORTANT NOTE FROM ADMIN: These lists will no longer be updated as of (08/29/17), there's too much daily winning. I can't handle tracking and updating all the constant winnning. Please president Trump, I beg you please stop. This website can't take anymore. It's too much.

  42. 1,290,000 JOBS created since Jan 1st (per BLS) 1,573,000 per ADP (08/04/17)
  43. Directed Dep’t of Commerce to streamline Federal permitting processes for domestic manufacturing
  44. Launched United States-Canada Council for Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders with Canadian PM Justin Trudeau
  45. Cut 1.6 billion costs from Air Force one and F-35 airplanes.
  46. Regulatory freeze on all federal governmental agencies
  47. Making agencies cut 2 regulations for each new one.
  48. Saw the opening of the first NEW COAL MINE IN PA in YEARS creating 70 jobs at the mine and more than 400+ supporting jobs in the community. (06/10/17) Per foxnews.
  49. Coal prices for Central Appalachian coal has increased 8.95% this year. Increasing the economy for SE OH, SW PA, VA, MD and WVA
  50. Maine unemployment at 32 year low. The State dept of unemployment forced to layoff people because of lack of claims
  51. Food Stamp spending is down almost $1 billion per month and $12 billion per year per USAD
  52. Black unemployment at a 17 year low in May at 7.5% per Bureau of Labor Statistics. (06/24/17)
  53. Coal mining rose 19% in USA for first 5 months per US energy Department
  54. 1st qrt GDP revised up to 1.4%
  55. USA now pumping 500k more barrels of oil per day since Dec 31st. Now at 9.3 million bpd. 3rd in the world only 1.2 million bdp behind Russia and Saudi Arabia
  56. USA is the world leader in natural gas production
  57. Institute for Supply Management says its manufacturing index rose to 57.8 last month from 54.9 in May. Anything above 50 signals that factory activity is increasing (07/03/17)
  58. 15 of 18 manufacturing industries posted growth in JUNE per ISM (07/03/17)
  59. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) statistics for fiscal year (FY) 2017 show that food stamp enrollment decreased nationwide by 2.9 percent over the past year (07/05/17)
  60. Oil exports FROM the USA are running at 1.3million BPD worth more than $1.5 billion per month to the economy. Per NYT (07/5/17)
  61. Crude exports from Corpus Christi have already increased from an average of 68,000 barrels a day during the first half of 2016 to 384,000 barrels a day this April NYT (07/05/17)
  62. India-based information technology outsourcing company Infosys plans to hire 2,000 workers within four years in North Carolina and 10,000 total in USA. Infosys emphasized Thursday that the jobs created as part of its U.S. expansion would go to American workers. Per Charlotte Observer (07/06/17)
  63. Trade deficit fell 2.2 % in the month of May on higher exports and less imports. China imports dropped 6.1% and Mexico imports increased 5.8%. Trade deficit for the year is still growing by about 13.1% yoy per Breitbart even with the drop in May’s numbers. It will take a while to turn the ship but the ship is turning (07/06/17)
  64. Labor participation rate 62.8% (07/07/17)
  65. In June, mining employment grew by 8,000, with most of the growth in support activities for mining (+7,000). Since a recent employment low in October 2016, mining has added 56,000 jobs. (07/07/17) per BLS
  66. FICO scores for Americans has hit and ALL time high per CNBC (07/11/17)
  67. Expedited the permitting and approval processes of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminals and exports, including the approval of the Lake Charles LNG terminal in Louisiana.guidance from the Treasury Department to allow the United States to export coal.(first 6 months)
  68. Expedited new pipeline approval and production such as the New Burgos Pipeline to Mexico. (first 6 months)
  69. Updated guidance from the Treasury Department to allow the United States to export coal.
  70. Signed the Buy American, Hire American EO on (04/18/17)
  71. President Trump signed an Executive Order, making it easier for businesses to start and expand apprenticeship programs (06/15/17)
  72. FOXCONN making of LCD screens announced at White House they are investing $10 billion into new plant in WI bringing up to 13,000 high paying jobs to WI. (07/26/17)
  73. Coal EXPORTS increased by 60.3% for 2017 per US EIA data (07/28/17)
  74. US inflation at a 8 month low at 1.6% per BLS due in part to Pres Trump’s energy policy keeping gas prices low. (07/17/17)
  75. Pres Trump promoted a policy to leverage $200 billion in his budget proposal into a $1 trillion of projects to privatize the air traffic control system, strengthen rural infrastructure and repair bridges, roads and waterways. (06/07/17) per Reuters
  76. US wages rose by 2.5 percent from the year before to $26.36 in July. (08/04/17) per WAPO
  77. US oil rigs drilling have more than doubled since May 2016 from 316to 765 rigs with 23 weeks of additions the longest stretch of oil rig growth in 3 decades (08/04/17) per Bloomberg.
  78. US Energy and Commerce department helped Xcoal sign agreement for US company to ship 700,000 tons of coal to Ukraine (07/31/17) per CNBC
  79. Dow went up about 4,000 pts from 2007-2016 (appox 9 years under Bush/Obama). Dow increased 4,000 pts from Nov 2016-Aug 2017 (approx 9 months under Trump)
  80. America's trade deficit narrowed to an eight-month low in June, helped by the biggest outflow of goods and services since the end of 2014, a positive signal for the economy entering the third quarter, Commerce Department data showed (08/04/17) per Bloomberg
  81. West VA dem Gov Jim Justice switched parties to the GOP on 08/03/17 at Trump rally in Huntington, Wva. Major Political move.
  82. Dem senators caved and allowed 65 Trump appointees to be confirmed in one day including conservative judge. (08/03/17) per free Beacon
  83. Pres Trump replaced CoS Priebus with Sec Kelly (07/31/17) signaling a new stage of the Trump White house.
  84. Democrat party released a Better Deal plan that is almost exact same as MAGA week of 07/31/17 showing that even dems understand MAGA is the winning political message.
  85. GOPE McConnell tried to blame Trump for the failure of the Senate for the last 8 months to pass anything, (08/07/16) per speech at Rotary Club. Pres Trump via twitter told McConnell to get back to work and that the Obamacare repeal effort under McConnell was a disgrace. (08/08/-08/10/17)
  86. Democrats threaten to shut down government over $ 1.6 billion spending for Border Wall per politico (08/09/17). Pres Trump called their bluff at rally in AZ said he is willing to shut down gov over funding of Wall (08/22/17)
  87. Three Establishment GOP senators have picked up primary challengers, Flake, Heller and Strange. It’s getting dangerous to their careers to stall the MAGA agenda. (Observation) (08/11/17)
  88. Steve Bannon (08/18/17) and Seb Gorka (08/25/17) were replaced/resigned by Pres Trump/Cos Kelly
  89. New poll shows Mitch McConnell with only 19% approval rating after his failure to pass the MAGA agenda per Harvard-Harris poll (08/24/17)
  90. Trade gap narrowed by 5.9% to 43.6 billion, exports increased by 1.2%, imports decreased by .2% in June per Bloomberg (08/04/17)
  91. Pres Trump promoted a policy to leverage $200 billion in his budget proposal into a $1 trillion of projects to privatize the air traffic control system, strengthen rural infrastructure and repair bridges, roads and waterways. (06/07/17) per Reuters
  92. US wages rose by 2.5 percent from the year before to $26.36 in July. (08/04/17) per WAPO
  93. US oil rigs drilling have more than doubled since May 2016 from 316to 765 rigs with 23 weeks of additions the longest stretch of oil rig growth in 3 decades (08/04/17) per Bloomberg.
  94. US Energy and Commerce department helped Xcoal sign agreement for US company to ship 700,000 tons of coal to Ukraine (07/31/17) per CNBC
  95. Dow went up about 4,000 pts from 2007-2016 (appox 9 years under Bush/Obama). Dow increased 4,000 pts from Nov 2016-Aug 2017 (approx 9 months under Trump)
  96. US companies saw BEST earnings last quarter in 13 years per Breitbart (08/11/17)
  97. US consumer comfort levels highest in 16 years per Bloomberg (08/11/17)
  98. US job openings climb to record 6.2 million in June per WSJ (08/08/17)
  99. Core inflation advanced 1.7% on an annual basis, the third such reading in a row and the smallest gain since May 2015 per BLS figures (08/11/17)
  100. Atlanta Fed sees 4.0% GDP growth (08/16/17) per Fed Reserve Bank of Atlanta
  101. Apple says it plans to build a $1.4 billion state of the art data center in IA. (08/25/17)
  102. Hollywood is seeing its worse summer in more than a decade. I will leave it to the reader to decide why.
  103. Collectively, Penske Logistics, LG Electronics and Lear Corporation will make $158.8 million capital investments and create 1,130 jobs in Michigan (08/22/17) per Michigan Economic Development Corp.
  104. Based on yougov poll dated (08/16/17) the economic confidence of people have almost doubled year over year.

Trump's Wins on IMMIGRATION:

  1. Authorized DHS to hire 10,000 ICE officers & 5,000 border patrol agents
  2. Secured funding for more immigration judges for deportation cases in 2017 budget
  3. Ended "catch and release” policy
  4. ICE arrests up 40% as of May
  5. ICE arrests are 75% criminal illegals as of May
  6. Ice Arrests for non criminal illegals up 150% as of May due to sanctuary cities polices making Ice go to the home instead of the court houses
  7. 70%+ decrease in border crossings of illegal aliens in first 6 months per head of ICE (07/18/17)
  8. No Cuban refugees seen by Coast Guard in Apr first time in 7 years
  9. Open bidding and plans submitted for the WALL. Finalists selected, prototypes to be unveiled this summer per CBP official/Breitbart news.
  10. 6ft chain linked fences being replaced by 20ft hardened steel fencing at border
  11. More than 1400 gang members have been arrested by ICE
  12. This year the U.S. has already deported 398 MS-13 gang members back to El Salvador – compared to only 534 for all of 2016
  13. Texas has passed a law outlawing sanctuary cities
  14. Foods stamp requests by ILLEGALS D O W N
  15. The Trump administration has moved to reopen the cases of hundreds of illegal immigrants who had been given a reprieve from deportation by Obama
  16. Per Sec Kelly Plans are to start building the WALL by end of summer.
  17. Travel ban EO cut refugees to 50,000 limit has been reached as of 07/12/17). USA now closed to refugee without a close connection to the USA
  18. per Breitbart Sec Kelly has refused to expand H2-B visa program in FY 2017 Update 06/22/17 Sec Kelly will expand the H2-b visa program for a limited number of businesses that are in danger of failing and can’t find employment per breitbart.
  19. Pres Trump and Sec of DHS ended DAPA (06/16/17)
  20. Refugees dropped by half entering the USA in first three months of Pres Trump’s admin over Obama’s admin. (6/24/17 per Washington Times)
  21. In fiscal year 2017 so far, ICE has removed over 2,700 criminal gang members, compared to 2,057 criminal gang members in all of fiscal year 2016. (07/20/17) per Whitehouse
  22. Per Sec Kelly 66,000 mostly criminal illegals arrested by ICE in first 5 months
  23. Kate’s Law passed the House 06/29/17)
  24. No Sanctuary Cities Law Passed the House (06/29/17)
  25. Illegal immigrant arrests in San Diego, Ca have more than doubled from 2016 and 2015 figures per the San Diego Union Tribune (07/04/17)
  26. In a reversal of Obama administration policy, federal prosecutors with Operation Streamline are filing criminal charges against migrants the first time they are caught crossing the border illegally. Per and breitbart (07/05/17)
  27. Refugee Arrivals Plummet in Week After Supreme Court Ruling on Trump Executive Order per Breitbart and Department of State website (07/05/17)
  28. The International Entrepreneur Rule obama era loophole was closed by DHS on (0711/17). The rule allowed illegals to stay in the country for 2 and half years if they were “starting a business” per breitbart.
  29. ICE crackdown in Pueblo scaring some families back to Mexico per the Pueblo chieftain (07/10/17)
  30. House subcommittee includes $1.6 billion in funds for Wall in approbations bill (07/12/17) goes to full house for vote
  31. DHS proposes rule change to increase length (from 2 weeks to 90 days) and Distance (from 100 miles from the border to entire USA) for people to be immediately deported freeing up courts and stopping the lawfare over immigration. (07/15/17 ) per dailymail
  32. Thomas D. Homan, acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said in an interview that since Trump entered office, illegal border crossings have crashed by almost 70 percent, "an historic low," arrests inside the country have jumped 40 percent and that demands for illegal criminals in local jails has skyrocketed 80 percent. (07/18/17) per Washington Examiner
  33. AG Sessions said one goal of DOJ is to totally end illegal immigration (07/18/17) per Breitbart
  34. The Trump Administration is providing funding for the Texas National Guard’s efforts to assist in securing the state’s border with Mexico per Breitbart (07/18/17)
  35. Acting ICE Director Thomas D. Homan said he is going to deploy more officers and agents to “sanctuary cities” to arrest illegal criminal (07/18/17) per Washington examiner
  36. President Trump ordered the creation of the Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE) office at DHS, ensuring that our Government can no longer ignore the victims of criminal acts by illegal aliens. (04/26/17)
  37. Trump administration has changed the focus of a Department of Homeland Security immigrant citizenship training program managed by USCIS to “assimilation,” a significant shift from the Obama era focus on “integration.” Per Breitbart (07/28/17)
  38. AG Sessions announced new policy on Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance grants which provide $100’s of millions. The new policy refuses to give them to sanctuary cities. (07/25/17)
  39. The Department of Homeland Security has issued a waiver to waive certain laws, regulations and other legal requirements to ensure the expeditious construction of barriers and roads in the vicinity of the international border near San Diego. (08/01/17) per DHS gov website
  40. Pres Trump endorses RAISE act to reduce legal immigration by 500,000 and to put the USA immigration system on a MERIT scale and ending chain migration. (08/02/17) per Washington examiner
  41. Orders of Removal and Voluntary departures for illegals have jumped 30% from Feb 1 – July 31st 2017 under Pres Trump per DOJ numbers (08/08/17)
  42. 54 more Immigration judges have been added since Pres Trump took office per DOJ press release (08/08/17)
  43. Per DOJ 100 immigration judges have been relocated to the border regions under Pres Trump to deal with the 540,000 case backlog (08/08/17) per DOJ press release
  44. Ice arrested 32 criminal illegal sex offenders in Long Island New York under operation Soar (Sex Offender Alien Removal) (08/09/17)
  45. Canada sends soldiers to their border with US to handle the flood of illegals fleeing the USA (08/09/17) per AP news.
  46. The head of an outsourcing firm that brings in foreign guest workers on the H-1B was convicted of visa fraud. (08/11/17)
  47. Hiring of Americans and the wages they are paid is increasing due to Pres Trump’s admin cracking down on H2-B visa abuse and illegal immigration. In June, average hourly earnings in leisure and hospitality sector increased 4% from a year earlier due to crack down on H2-B visa abuse per WSJ (08/10/17). LA. Times also reported wage increase in agriculture sector due to illegal immigration crack down.
  48. August 2017, the U.S. Department of State made several revisions to the Foreign Affairs Manual (FAM) that are a direct result of the “Buy American and Hire American” Executive Order (EO) 13788, per National Law review, Increasing extreme vetting for Nonimmigrant Visa issuance making such things as H1-B visa more difficult to obtain.
  49. The DHS and Dept of State issues visa sanctions against four countries that are refusing to accept back deportations of their citizens. The countries are: Cambodia, Eritrea, Guinea and Sierra Leone per sources (08/22/17) per Washington Times.
  50. Reports this weekend are that Pres Trump is going cancel DACA (08/25/17) per ABC news
  51. Thanks to Pres Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigration Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau backtracks on his open invitation to migrants as illegals flee to Canada increasing the cost to Canada (08/25/17)
  52. Pres Trump threatens a government shut down if funding for the border wall is not included in 2018 budget at AZ rally (08/22/17)
  53. The war on MS-13 gang moved to Ohio where 13 members were arrested by ICE on multiple charges (08/18/17)
  54. Trump admin and DHS announced the ending of the Central American minors (CAM) program, an Obama era program that gave back door amnesty to refugees from Central America (08/15/17)
  55. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is denying requests for H1-B visas of the company cannot show why it is paying low wages for high skilled jobs, major change in immigration policy per National law review (08/23/17)

Trump's Wins on LAW & JUSTICE:

  1. Authorities have arrested an unprecedented number of sexual predators involved in child sex trafficking rings in the United States
  2. DOJ issues new sentencing guideline to enforce tougher laws on drug dealers (05/12/17) per Justice. gov
  3. DOJ stops Obama’s slush funds (06/08/17) per Washington Examiner
  4. Massive raids on gangs going on across the nation
  5. More arrests for voter fraud in 2017 then anytime in recent history.
  6. DOJ and DHS ordered to take on transnational criminal gangs (02/07/17) per POTUS EO
  7. No tolerance for violence against LEO with a signed EO (02/07/17)
  8. Fired "weasel" FBI director Comey who lied under oath and leaked to the press.
  9. Nominated Wray for FBI director, confirmation hearing 07/12/17
  10. Nominated 21 conservative judges to the federal court
  11. AG Sessions dismantling the Obama legal doctrine brick by brick at the DOJ per Bloomberg (06/29/17)
  12. Operation Broken Heart lead by the DOJ arrested over 1,012 sexual child predators across the nation bringing 69,000 cases against them. (06/28/17)
  13. AG Sessions has asked for an extra $26 million to hire 300 prosecutors devoted to gang violence and deportation cases per Bloomberg (06/29/17)
  14. DOJ drops case against the Washington Redskins (06/30/17) the era of Political correctness is over.
  15. AG Sessions condemned murder of NYPD on (07/05/17) calling the attack cowardly.
  16. April 13, 2017-Under President Trump, The Justice Department prosecuted two doctors and one other for practicing female genital mutilation– the first such prosecutions under a federal law passed by Congress in 1996 prohibiting the practice.
  17. June 30, 2017—The Trump Administration sent 20 ATF agents to Chicago to help the city fight gun violence.
  18. AG Sessions and Deputy AG visit GITMO to see operations and conditions in effort to frame future Trump policy on Gitmo. (07/07/17)
  19. AG Sessions and Sec Price announce the biggest ever Healthcare Fraud operation. Arresting 412 people including Doctors who have committed more than 1.3 Billion in medical fraud including opioid fraud. (07/13/17)
  20. AG Sessions/FBI took down largest darkweb site Alphabay (07/20/17)
  21. AG Sessions issued new policy on civil asset forfeiture (07/19/17) per DOJ
  22. AG Sessions holds press conference to explain the leak investigations ongoing in the Government. (08/04/17) per foxnews
  23. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the launch of a new law enforcement assistance program, the “National Public Safety Partnership this program will be closed to sanctuary cities (08/01/17)
  24. Attorney General Jeff Sessions/Deputy AG Bland are trying to get to the bottom of the DOJ “slush fund” for left-wing groups he dismantled in June asking for all payment records to those groups for the last 10 years. (08/04/17)
  25. President Donald Trump pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio 08/25/17) per White House.
  26. Pres Trump called out ANTIFA violence against the right at AZ rally (08/22/17) first major leader to do so.
  27. Confirmed Gorsuch to SCOTUS
  28. Signed over 100 bills into law so far
  29. Signed more than 50 executive orders so far
  30. Reviewing the Obama land grabs at the Sec on interior
  31. Reviewing and repealing Obama’s regulations
  32. Obamacare repeal and replace passed House stuck in Senate as of 07/18/17)
  33. Tax cuts and reform moving through Congress waiting on obamacare repeal
  34. Submitted 2018 Budget that cuts spending and gives a pathway to a balanced budget in 10 years.
  35. Returned power to make decisions on “transgender bathrooms” to states (02/27/17)
  36. Instituted 5-year lobbying ban for all Executive branch appointees
  37. Instituted permanent lobbying ban for foreign governments for all Executive branch appointees
  38. Banned aid helping foreign countries provide abortions (Mexico City Policy) (01/23/17)
  39. Formed Commission on voter fraud led by VP Pence had first meeting on 07/19/17)
  40. Returned the mission of NASA to space exploration (03/21/17)
  41. Installing aspects of extreme vetting at points of entry to the USA
  42. Signed Two bills into Law on June 2nd that makes it easier for family members of slain LEO to get benefits and that helps hire Veterans as LEO
  43. Sec of VA is starting process to combine the DOD and VA medical records to improve Veteran’s health. Massive shift in government policy (06/05/17)
  44. Pushing a massive overhaul of our FAA Air Traffic control (06/05/17)
  45. House votes to roll back Dodd Frank goes to the Senate (06/08/17)
  46. Senate votes for VA accountability act. Goes to House passed house 06/13/17 major victory for Trump agenda signed into law on 06/23/17
  47. Pushing an apprentice program to train skilled works to fill 6 million open positions. (06/10/17)
  48. The U.S. Treasury Department unveiled a sweeping plan on to upend the country's financial regulatory framework, 80% of which will be done from the executive side and does not need Congress. MAGA!!!!! (06/13/17)
  49. Signed EO to reshape the education system of the USA to include votech and apprenticeships (06/13/17)
  50. Did away with rules requiring the Federal government to report on the Y2K bug 17 years after 2000.
  51. President Donald Trump signed an executive order creating an accountability and whistleblower protection office at the Department of Veterans Affairs(04/27/2017)
  52. Sec Zinke moves to purge the Interior department of Obama holdovers (6/16/17 per Washington post)
  53. Energy Department eliminating the Office of International Climate and Technology
  54. 22 federal agency task force formed to help the rural America fight regulations and lack of prosperity led by Sec Perdue
  55. Environmental Protection Agency has ended a nearly $1 million program that provided gym memberships for employees
  56. 5-0 in special elections (GA6 primary, KS, MT, GA6 final election, SC)
  57. Sec Kelly dropped many “Pro-Obama Islamic groups from funding” Groups that pushed for sharia law and closed muslim communities within the USA. (06/23/17 per breitbart)
  58. TRAVEL BAN upheld by SCOTUS by 9-0 ruling. Extreme vetting will now become law of the land.
  59. ScottPruitt signed #WOTUS proposed rule, supporting @POTUS order to restore the rule of law.
  60. Travel BAN now in full effect across the world. (06/29/17)
  61. Signed agreement to construct oil pipeline into Mexico per Pres trump speech
  62. Opening up LNG centers to ship LNG across the world (06/29/17)
  63. Introduced 6 point plan to unleash American energy (off shore, Nuclear, coal, NG,Oil, renewable) (06/29/17)
  64. President Trump Signs EO Reviving The National Space Council (06/30/17)
  65. Pentagon halts Obama’s transgender plan (07/01/17 per Breitbart)
  66. Sec Devos has stopped two obama regulations from going into effect which would have harmed for profit colleges. The Gainful Employment rule and the Borrower Defense rule (06/30/17)
  67. On May 4th, 2017 Pres Trump signed the Religious Freedom EO ordering his admin among other things to not enforce the Johnson amendment.
  68. Reduced White House expenses by $22 million by reducing staffing levels from Obama levels. Doing more with less
  69. Pres Donald Trump’s first-quarter salary donation will help fund the restoration of two projects at Antietam National Battlefield, Department of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke announced Wednesday per Breitbart (07/05/117)
  70. Returned the Winston Churchill bust back to the Oval Office and Kept the Martin Luther King Jr bust proving we can respect and honor both men.
  71. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke on Thursday ordered the agency to resolve a backlog of more than 2,000 oil and natural gas permit applications for drilling on public lands per Washington Examiner (07/06/17)
  72. The Department of Veterans Affairs announced today (07/07/17) 747 disciplinary actions including 526 employees who were fired since January 20th 2017 per CBS (07/07/17) suspended 200, demoted 33 (22 of which were senior management) per White house (07/20/17)
  73. Sec Carson of HUD announced a $500+ billion “error” in the Obama HUD’s 2015 and 2016 budgets was found by an Audit completed by the Office of Inspector General (04/08/17) per CBN
  74. He had ordered that he gets 2 scoops of Ice Cream per CNN so might be fake news:)
  75. Working hard to get the Olympics for the United States (L.A.) (07/10/17) per POTUS twitter
  76. House cuts Sec of Department funding by 17% in approbations bill (07/12/17) goes to full House for vote
  77. The Department of Veterans Affairs has acted to increase transparency and accountability by launching an online “Access and Quality Tool” to provide veterans a way to access wait time and quality of care data. (07/20/17) per White House
  78. President Trump signed legislation allowing our veterans to receive care outside of the Veterans Affairs medical system.
  79. President Trump created the Office of American Innovation to streamline and improve the Government for future generations. (03/27/17)
  80. 860 regulations have been cut by Pres Trump’s admin in first 6 months per OMB and breitbart (07/21/17).
  81. Starting later this year, all honorably discharged veterans, no matter their branch of service, will be eligible to shop tax-free online at the Army & Air Force Exchange Service with the same discounts they enjoyed on base while in the military per AP (07/21/17)
  82. Pres Trump commissioned the U.S.S Ford into service. 100,000 tons of America Might. (07/22/17).
  83. Pres Trump took to twitter to push AG Sessions to drain the swamp in the DOJ/FBI week of (07/24/17)
  84. AG Sessions issued new policy on civil asset forfeiture (07/19/17) per DOJ
  85. AG Sessions holds press conference to explain the leak investigations ongoing in the Government. (08/04/17) per foxnews
  86. Pres Trump reversed Obama policy on Trans genders serving in the military via twitter (07/26/17)
  87. House abandons border adjust tax idea in major win for Pres Trump’s tax reform push (07/27/17) major defeat for Ryan
  88. Pres Trump threatens to end subsidies/bailout payments to insurance companies and congressional staff if repeal and replace of Obamacare is not passed via twitters breathing new life into the repeal effort (07/29/17)
  89. In first 6 months Pres Trump has signed more than 150 EO, memoranda and proclamations per White House .gov site (07/29/17)
  90. Pres Trump’s 2nd qrt paycheck of 100k was donated to Dept of Education which will use the funds to hold STEM inspired summercamp for children at the department of Education per (0/26/17)
  91. Trump’s Treasury nixes struggling Obama-era government-run retirement program only 20,000 signed up fro the program. (07/28/17) per Washington times
  92. Pres Trump and VA Sec Shulkin launched the new TeleHealth and Video connect programs to bring VA system into 21st century and increase access for veterans. (08/03/17) per White House gov website.
  93. Defense Department investigators have discovered “potential security risks” in a Pentagon program that has enrolled more than 10,000 foreign-born individuals into the U.S. armed forces since 2009 (08/02/17) per foxnews
  94. Pres Trump awarded the Medal of Honor to specialist Five James C. McCloughan (07/31/17) per White House gov site.
  95. Signed Sanctions bill against Russia, Iran, North Korea into law but issued a signing statement saying some of the Law was unconstitutional (Congress butting into Presidential power) and would not be followed. (08/03/17)
  96. Vacated the West Wing for 2 weeks to allow needed renovations to the White House per daily mail (08/11/17) Obama approved the renovations but refused to leave the West wing for that long of time, left it for Next President to deal with. Per CNN 08/04/17)
  97. Signed the VA choice and quality act. A Bipartisan LAW to help VETS get care per press conference (08/12/17)
  98. Pres Trump opened up a DOJ /FBI investigation on Charlottesville riot. Three times he denounced the violence calling out ALL groups both and then highlighting the kKK, neo Nazis and white supremacy groups. (08/12/17, 08/14/17, 08/15/17)
  99. Pres Trump issues a preemptive National emergency proclamation on (08/25/17) as Hurricane Harvey made landfall in TX, speeding up Federal Government assistance to Texas.
  100. Pres Trump signed VA bill (Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act) into law making it easier for veterans to apply for benefits and decrease wait lists for appeals (08/23/17)
  101. Trump administration has ended the ACSNCA (Advisory Committee for the Sustained National Climate Assessment) created by Obama in 2015 that pushed climate change regulations/policies (08/23/17)
  102. Pres Trump’s Department of Defense fired it’s admiral of the 7th fleet and issued a review of all Navy operations after a second collision of a destroyer with merchant ships. (08/21/17)
  103. Trump’s interior department’s National Park Service Ends Obama Effort to Eliminate Sale of Disposable Water Bottles at national parks (08/16/17) per National park service site.
  104. Pres Trump issues order that the United States Cyber Command be elevated to the status of a Unified Combatant Command focused on cyberspace operations to increase cyber security for the USA (08/18/17) per White house
  105. Pres Trump disbanded CEO Counsels after push back for his NAFTA, China Trade positions and his comments on Charlottesville but mostly for his positions on Trade. (08/17/17)
  106. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the launch of a new law enforcement assistance program, the “National Public Safety Partnership this program will be closed to sanctuary cities (08/01/17)
  107. Attorney General Jeff Sessions/Deputy AG Bland are trying to get to the bottom of the DOJ “slush fund” for left-wing groups he dismantled in June asking for all payment records to those groups for the last 10 years. (08/04/17)

Trump's Wins on FOREIGN POLICY:

  1. Secured a 34,000 Arab force to fight ISIS in Iraq and Syria
  2. Sent 3 carrier battle groups to NK to pressure them on nuclear program, installed THADD in SK and Japan
  3. Sent Navy to South China Sea to secure sea lines
  4. Fired 60 Tomahawks after a gas attack in Syria
  5. Got the G7 countries to agree that a nation has a right to control migration and immigration
  6. Had G7 countries agree NK was a threat
  7. Had G7 nations agree that Trade should be FAIR as well as FREE and that nations can punish non fair trade
  8. Had NATO agree to pay more and got more countries to pay their fair share of defense pact
  9. Have met with more than 100 of the world leaders many at the white house
  10. Pulled out of Paris Accord and freed the USA from the economic Slavery Obama sold us into
  11. Have surrounded ISIS in Iraq and Syria strongholds
  12. Have killed the ISIS commander in Afghanistan and reduced their strength by 2/3rd in Afghanistan
  13. Dropped the MOAB on ISIS killing more than 90 ISIS fighters
  14. First sitting POTUS to pray at the Western Wall
  15. Restarted peace process between Israel and PLO
  16. Visited the land of the three major religions in the world
  17. Opening of center to defeat radical Islam in cyberspace during Saudi Arabia visit. One orb to find them and in the darkness and bind them.
  18. Gave powerful speech in the heart of Islam about the need to reform Islam and drive out the radicals
  19. Had G7 countries agree that refugees should stay as close as possible to home country and be returned when the threat is gone
  20. Got the Arab nations to cut ties to Qatar for funding terrorists, massive historic shift in diplomatic actions in the Muslim world.
  21. Started the assault on Raqqa in Syria to defeat ISIS on June 6th 2017.
  22. Got Romania to up it’s NATO funding to 2.1% of GDP
  23. Has the Special Forces helping relieve siege in Philippines.
  24. Visited Poland, attended the Three Seas summit (07/05/16)
  25. Per Sec Tillerson. The PLO has stopped the payments to terrorists families. Major change in PLO policy conflicting reports on this
  26. Pres Trump’s State department secured the release of American citizen Otto Warmbeir from NK without paying $400 million ransom
  27. Pres Trump admin secured the release of American citizen, Aya Hijazifor, from Egypt Jail without paying $400 million ransom.
  28. Obama appointed Ambassador to Qatar “quit” during the biggest Crisis in Qatar’s history. What was she hiding?
  29. Gave Sec Mattis authority to set troop numbers in Afghanistan to turn the tide of the war. 06/16/17 .
  30. Rolled back Obama’s Cuban policy. 06/16/17
  31. Canada promised to increase defense spending by 70% (06/16/17)
  32. Gulf Countries sent Qatar a list of demands to defund terrorism, reject the Muslim brother hood so Qatar can return to the fold, direct consequence of Pres Trump’s trip to the Middle East. Qatar has since rejected these demands setting a possible military conflict (updated 06/30/17)
  33. NATO countries (excluding the US) increase defense spending by 4.3% from last year per daily mail and breitbart(06/30/17).
  34. Per Iraq military Mosul has fallen. ISIS no longer controls the city. Just a couple pockets of resistance left per independent (06/30/17) PM of IRAQ declares the complete pacification of the city (7/09/17)
  35. Imposed Sanctions on major China Bank for it’s funding of North Korea and has declared the admin will work to cut North Korea off from access to the US financial market. (06/29/17)
  36. approved a $1.42billion arms deal with Taiwan (07/02/17) 38. Reached out by Twitter to offer help to save baby Charlie Gard and has started the conversation on Baby Charlie’s fate. (07/03/17)
  37. The US ambassador to the UN threatens China and other countries who trade with North Korea with blockage from the USA market. (07/05/17)
  38. Pres Trump increases the threat to use trade access to the US market to stop North Korea setting up a potential for a trade war with China and other nations (07/05/17)
  39. Gave a major speech in Warsaw Poland to a crowd of thousands reaffirming Western Civilization (07/6/17)
  40. Pres Trump has had 50% more meetings with foreign leaders than Pres Obama did during the same time period. Per Breitbart (07/06/17)
  41. US, Russia, and Jordan announce ceasefire in Southern Syria (07/07/17) Cease Fire still holding as of (07/18/17)
  42. OLD City walls in Raqqa were breached by US led forces on July 4th 2017. Less than a month after the battle for Raqqa began. Per Economist (07/07/17)
  43. Pres Trump got three major victories in G20. 1) Trade he had the G20 agree that nations can protect themselves from unfair trade. 2) He got them to agree a nation has control over their borders and can control immigration and migration. 3) He stood firm on the climate hoax known as the Paris accords and included the importance of fossil fuels. Per the G20 communiqué (07/08/17)
  44. U.S. President Donald Trump on Saturday promised $639 million in aid to feed people left starving because of drought and conflict in Somalia, South Sudan, Nigeria and Yemen. (07/08/17) per Reuters
  45. Sec of State signed a counter terrorism funding agreement with QATAR giving Pres Trump and the Gulf allies major victory and moving along the impasse in the region to a hopeful peaceful solution (07/11/17) per state. Gov
  46. Visited France to hold bilateral meetings and take part in Bastille day marking the 100th anniversary of the USA entering WW1 (07/13/17)
  47. President Donald Trump has sent out another clear message on the worsening political and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, promising “strong and swift economic actions” should socialist leader Nicolás Maduro push ahead with plans to create a non-elected “constituent assembly.” (07/18/17) per Breitbart
  48. President Trump has lifted restrictions that had prevented the Secretary of Defense and our commanders in the field from fully using their judgement and expertise. (07/20/17)
  49. The United States sanctioned sixteen entities and individuals that have supported Iran’s military and Revolutionary Guard Corps in the development of drones, fast attack boats, and other military equipment.(07/20/17) per Whitehouse
  50. The Department of the Treasury sanctioned over 25 entities and individuals involved in Iran’s ballistic missile program, ensuring our ability to monitor potentially malicious actors while preventing future acts of terrorism. (07/20/17)
  51. The US has refused to pay $350m in military aid to Pakistan because it is not tackling terrorism, the Pentagon has announced (07/21/17) per FTimes
  52. State Department official in charge of diplomatic security bureau resigned. He was in charge during Benghazi (07/26/17) per WAPO . This continues the exodus of Obama/Clinton holdovers at State. Sec Tillerson has down a major effort to reform the Dept of State over the last several months, including firing the entire “7th floor of State” containing the entire senior Clinton/obama admin team on (1/26/17)
  53. In March 2017 a 69 country coalition + 4 international agencies to defeat ISIS met for the first time after being formed 2 years ago . It also planned how stabilize those recent liberated ISIS zones.(03/22/17) per ABC news. Since this meeting the group has met several times, ISIS is on the run and liberated areas are stabilized with more than $2 billion in funds from those countries paying for most of it. Per State Department briefing (08/04/17) by Special Envoy Brett McGurk

  54. US government sent letter to UN stating its intention to pull out of Paris accord (08/04/17) per State department.

  55. US Treasury placed sanctions on Venezuela government officials seizing all foreign assets after the government sized doctoral powers. (07/31/17) per Treasury gov website

  56. IOC awarded the Olympic games to the city of LA in 2028 after Pres Trump tweeted about “working hard” for it and meeting with IOC chairmen in oval office (07/31/17) per conservative treehouse.

  57. Pres Trump stated at press conference on (08/11/17) that military options for Venezuela were on the table as the Socialist Utopia spirals into chaos.
  58. China caves, it will not protect North Korea if North Korea acts first (08/10/17) per China Global times agency.
  59. North Korea/China blinks will not at this time shoot ICBMS at Guam per Reuters (08/14/17)
  60. VP Pence visits Columbia to reassure ally and pressure Venezuela to leave path of dictatorship it is on (08/13/17).
  61. In reaction To Russia kicking out US diplomats, The Trump admin suspended Nonimmigrant Visa issuance for 8 days and funneled all applications to Moscow increasing wait times from 2 months to 5 months. Per National Law review (08/26/17)
  62. Pres Trump issues new Afghanistan policy via a national prime time speech (08/21/17) calling out Pakistan aid to terrorists, including India as an ally in the new strategy. Pres Trump directed Sec Mathis in June to determine troop levels in country.
  63. Sec of Defense told reporters that “ISIS is on the Run” in Iraq and Syria and “that ISIS days are certainly numbered” (08/23/17) per Breitbart news.
  64. Pres Trump’s Treasury department issued new sanction against Venezuela effectively cutting off the government from the US market (08/25/17) per foxnews.
  65. Pres Trump’s Treasury department placed new sanctions on China and Russian companies and citizens for helping North Korea nuclear program (08/22/17) per Reuters
  66. UN passed 15-0 resolution cutting off 1/3 of North Korea’s exports through sanctions dealing a major blow to it’s ability to obtain hard currency (08/05/17) per all news agencies. Massive win for Trump admin’s NK/China approach of economic using trade as leverage

  67. State Department and Department of Defense credits the massive success against ISIS with the President’s directive to give more authority to local commanders in the field. (08/04/17) per State Department briefing

President Trump is doing all he can for the American people and as a result the economy is on fire with the stock market reaching new all time highs once every four days! In nearly every economic category the US economy is improving under President Trump.

In addition, President Trump has implemented numerous executive actions that he promised he would do when running for office. The US is in much better shape in only six months. Americans have hope again due to the real changes this President instituted from the economy to immigration.

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